Woodio’s latest project is a sustainable wall-mounted toilet made of wood composite that is durable, practical, and stylish

Helsinki, Finland

Launching a new era in bathroom design, Woodio and Pentagon Design present Block, a wall-mounted toilet made of wooden chips, incorporating locally sourced aspen and offcuts from the Finnish forest industry.

Block by Woodio

It is considered the company’s most intricate and complicated product to date, developed over the course of three years.

As Petro Lahtinen, founder of Woodio, claims “there is nothing wrong with ceramic itself, it is the manufacturing process of the ceramics that causes the environmental impact.”

“Typically, industrial ceramics are fired at 1,500 degrees Celsius for at least 12 hours and this heat is produced typically by

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Textural layers for Bespoke Bathroom Design from Kohler

The rise in popularity for texture in bathroom design is supported by the wide range of colors, materials and finishes available from Kohler Co.

As a leader in brassware design and development, Kohler prides itself on creating pieces which will enrich and enable an architect or interior designer’s vision through a huge spectrum of color, finish, pattern and function.

“The uniformity which was once so popular in bathroom design is making way for a more varied approach, where a mixture of finishes and colors creates a rich highlight to a complementary design,” explains Lun Cheak Tan, Kohler VP of Industrial

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14 Celebrity Bathroom Design “Trends” That Are Shocking, Mystifying, And Downright Flummoxing

In January, I watched every Architectural Digest Open Door home tour and ranked all 133 bathrooms from best to worst.

Elaine runs out of a bathroom stall with a bunch of toilet paperElaine runs out of a bathroom stall with a bunch of toilet paper

Elaine runs out of a bathroom stall with a bunch of toilet paper

Castle Rock Entertainment / Columbia Pictures Television / Via media.giphy.com

Fifteen of those bathrooms stood out as particularly bizarre, and we need to talk about them. So, in no particular order, here are the 15 celebrity bathrooms with the weirdest designs and most unsettling vibes:

1.Hilary Duff’s primary bath

A bathroomA bathroom
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Woodio Block Wall Hung Toilet Wood Composite

Known for its award-winning biomaterial, Woodio has expanded its bathroom offerings with Block, a wall-mounted toilet constructed from wood composite.

Following its philosophy of reducing the environmental burden of using ceramics for bathrooms, the Finnish design brand focuses on delivering quality and innovative products with as little carbon footprint as possible. With Block, Woodio claims the toilet generates fewer emissions than ceramic, thanks to the brand’s in-house wood composite material made with locally sourced offcuts and aspen.

Featuring a subtle, round-lined exterior, the toilet comes in a timeless yet modern design without sacrificing durability. Compatible with most flushing systems, its

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