Unregistered builder told to stop work after Wellington council finds Loch Sport renovation full of defects

After spending almost $70,000 on home renovations, a young family in eastern Victoria may have to demolish their dream house.

Virgil Tirris and his partner, Izabela Kupniewska, bought the property in coastal Loch Sport in February 2022 and soon after

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Curtains that define and blur spaces. Ye Xiao Xiao, Tea space by Aurora Design | The Strength of Architecture

Project description by Aurora Design

The Baipu, an ancient extinct people from Yunnan province of Southwestern China, were the earliest group to start tea-drinking and engage in tea trade. Tea farming and culture thrived in Yunnan Province thousands of years ago, therefore, Yunnan Province was considered as the birthplace of tea culture. The stories of Tea Horse Road and Waste Water Bowl(Jian Shui) have passed down through the years amist of the hawking and the sound of rolling wheels, which have instilled new vigor and vitality into the spirit of Tea Culture.

As one of the representatives of the

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