Unregistered builder told to stop work after Wellington council finds Loch Sport renovation full of defects


After spending almost $70,000 on home renovations, a young family in eastern Victoria may have to demolish their dream house.

Virgil Tirris and his partner, Izabela Kupniewska, bought the property in coastal Loch Sport in February 2022 and soon after engaged a local builder, Darcy Wheildon, to complete renovations on the house.

The couple came across Mr Wheildon on a local community Facebook page where he was advertising his building services.

Mr Wheildon started renovations at the property in March 2022, but four months later, a Wellington Shire Council surveyor stumbled across the property while conducting general business in the area.

The surveyor noticed substantial building work being undertaken on the property. Upon checking the council’s records, it was found that no building permit was in force.

The council ordered the builder to stop work.

Mr Tirris said he was in a “hard spot” having run out of funds to pay for any future work.

“It’s looking like I’m going to have to demolish it [because] the damage he has caused is too extensive to repair,” Mr Tirris said.

“But I’ve run out of funds to even think about it.”

A sense of ‘trust’

An investigation by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) found Mr Wheildon had not obtained a building permit and he was not a registered builder.

Mr Tirris said he did not check whether Mr Wheildon was a registered builder as he did not realize this information was publicly available.

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