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Designer creates modern showroom that works for professional networking and provides design solutions

Growing up with a father who loved Modernism, Angela Garvin, founder and principal interior designer at Interior Alchemy in Portland, OR, fiercely rejected kitchen designs that offered form without function. After noticing that interesting kitchen ideas being explored in Europe were not as prevalent in the US, Garvin set out to build a modern kitchen and bath showroom that would reward its guests for seeking new solutions to make life better.

As someone who values ​​her design community, a driving concept behind Garvin’s showroom was to create a space where creatives could casually mingle and share ideas at happy hour, collaborate on their latest projects and develop lasting friendships. So it was imperative that her showroom offer local craft beer on tap, a DJ booth and a disco ball!

Garvin is an active member of the local chapters of both the Interior Design Society and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. In 2022, she served as a Kitchen and Bathroom Design Judge for the Interior Design Society Designer of the Year Awards. In 2019, she began teaching Kitchen and Bath Design at Heritage School of Interior Design where she still teaches today, both inspiring and guiding the next generation of designers to turn their ideas into reality.