Hever Castle: Renovations of Anne Boleyn’s former home to the end


Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII. She was headed in 1536.

The launch of the Boleyn Apartment, on Hever Castle’s first floor, has been delayed by “a change in direction and design”, a spokesperson said.

The apartment is the only known surviving suite of rooms that the Boleyn family definitely occupied, according to Hever Castle.

“The use of tapestries, friezes, furniture, coats of arms and traditional smells will help visitors feel like they are walking in the shoes of the family who lived there,” a castle spokesperson said.

The re-interpretation of these rooms has been planned and researched for more than a year, with advice from historian Dr David Starkey.

Kate McCaffrey, Hever Castle historian, said: “We wanted to create an immersive series of rooms that lets the visitor step back in time to the world of Anne Boleyn and her family.”

Behind-the-scenes tours are taking place to view the renovations and rooms that are closed because of them.