Jenny and Dave Marrs Are Renovating Their Home—Get the Details

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Jenny and Dave Marrs are tackling another massive renovation! That’s to be expected, but here’s the twist: This time, it’s on the Fixer to Fabulous stars’ own home. Jenny took to Instagram to share details about their “current construction zone,” and fans naturally went straight to the comments to share their thoughts.

A photo posted by Jenny shows Dave and their kids standing in the aforementioned construction zone. It seems as though a wall is being removed and a door can be seen off of its hinges in the background. “We’re back on this side of the pond and it’s all hands on deck in our current construction zone,” Jenny captioned the post, referring to her and Dave’s work trip to Italy. “We’ve lived at the farm for almost ten years and it’s finally time to tackle our main bathroom and closet AND shuffle kid rooms since they’ve outgrown their spaces once again.”

She went on to explain how they plan to reconfigure their home. They’re creating new attic bedrooms for the twins, Nathan and Ben. Their son Luke will move into the twins’ old bedroom. Their daughters Sylvie and Char will get an updated bathroom “with additional storage for allllll the hair products.” She explained that the girls received a bedroom update five years ago when they shuffled everyone around to create a nursery for Luke, so they won’t be moving. Jenny and Dave will move into Luke’s old bedroom, which she notes “has been a nursery and/or toddler room since we moved here, and I’m extremely emotional about it.” She added, “In summary, it’ll be mass chaos here this fall.”

Jenny ended the caption with a sweet sentiment. “I always say, your home should work for you in the season you’re in,” she said. “It seems, we have entered into a new season in which my babies have all grown into big kids and teenagers and my heart and our home are just trying their best to keep up. “

Fans swarmed the comments to share their thoughts on the renovation, questions they had, and their similar experiences. One fan asked, “Why don’t you move to a bigger house and a farm to make it easier since you are already busy enough with your career?” Jenny replied: “It’s not about what’s easy. We love this house and our farm and have built it over ten years of hard work. It’s home. And, this is what we do for a living. We renovate spaces every day and have renovated this house several times. We love reimagining spaces and making a home work for us in each season of life!”

Others asked what would become of Jenny and Dave’s bedroom if they planned to move into Luke’s old room. Jenny responded to one inquisitor saying, “We are making the whole space (our old room and his old room) into a main suite!” Upgrade for mom and dad!

In another comment, she added, “Our house is over 100 years old so spaces are all fairly small and combining two will give us enough space for a bigger closet and bathroom.”

Some people pointed out how one of their daughters isn’t wearing any shoes, which can be dangerous. One fan wrote, “Please get some shoes on your daughter in a construction zone!”

Jenny explained that her daughter had “just come in for help and right after the photo, she went and put shoes on.”

Fans also rushed to show their support. “It always takes a village and you’ve got a willing one to help shift into this family season,” one person wrote. “Love how you’re all committed to home in whatever format it is.”

Another nostalgically added, “I remember that season of my life as the best kind of chaos.”

Now, all we have to do is wait and hope we’ll get to see footage of the Marrs family’s massive reno on their show. Fingers crossed for more updates!

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