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Bathroom Decoration

1. Use Peel-and-Stick Tiles

If your rental bathroom floors have seen better days, consider giving them a much-needed update with peel-and-stick tiles. Best for applying over completely level floors, such as linoleum, peel-and-stick tiles come in a variety of styles and can be cut to size with a razor. With prices starting at less than $1 per square foot, you can easily update the full bathroom without breaking the bank. Then, when it’s time to move, the tiles can be removed.

2. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a popular option among renters and homeowners alike. Why? It’s so much simpler to apply and remove than traditional glued-on wallpaper. With a huge selection of designs, murals and more, there is bound to be something for every aesthetic. The only note of caution when applying peel-and-stick wallpaper to bathroom walls is that the higher humidity content can cause the wallpaper to peel around the edges and seams, so it may be better suited to powder bathrooms.

3. Replace the Lighting

11 Renter-Friendly Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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Outdated lighting can really dim (pun intended) your bathroom’s overall appearance. Thankfully, this is easy enough to update even without much expertise. If the lighting fixtures are dated, take note of the attachment style—such as a pendant light, three-bulb vanity lighting, etc.—and get a replacement with a fixture that has the same electrical hookup. (And then hold onto the old fixture for when you move out.)

If you aren’t comfortable replacing the lighting yourself, the average charge from an electrician is about $75 per fixture. For an even easier update, swap the light bulbs to LED daylight bulbs.

4. Up-Level the Mirror

The mirror is often the focal point of the bathroom, so make it a good one. If the existing mirror is removable, consider swapping it out for one that makes more of a statement. On the other hand, if you are stuck with a builder-grade mirror, you can take it to the next level by adding a custom frame. With a little DIY skill, you can build a wooden frame. Or keep it simple and very budget-friendly by framing it out with accent tape or dimmable vanity mirror lights.

5. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the walls can be both inexpensive and incredibly impactful when it comes to transforming the space. When you’re renting, just be sure you know the terms of your lease. Many landlords are fine with paint as long as you repaint the original color before moving out. If the bathroom cabinets are already painted, you may even be able to request updating that color for an added pop.

6. Enhance with New Decor

11 Renter-Friendly Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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Don’t underestimate the difference that quality decor can make in updating your bathroom. Although bathrooms are among the smallest spaces in the house, this presents a great opportunity to go with oversized, bold wall art that can really make an impression. Or, if your aesthetic is more understated, add some thoughtful decor pieces, such as a nice soap dispenser, plants and a luxe candle.

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7. Add a Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

While working with just a few square feet of space, you can completely modernize the look of your bathroom backsplash with peel-and-stick tile. If stickers are what comes to mind when you envision peel-and-stick tile, it’s a good time to rediscover the options that are out there. There are some stunning 3D options that are complete with the look and feel of tile, just without the messiness of grout.

8. Swap the Hardware

11 Renter-Friendly Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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If you can’t do a full cabinet facelift, updating the hardware can still make a significant difference—and it’s incredibly easy to do. Just measure the size of handles and get new ones to fit. With knobs, it’s even simpler. Classic handles and knobs are available at most home improvement stores or you can search for more eclectic options through retailers like Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

9. Update the countertops

Dated countertops can dampen the overall look of your bathroom. But with a little time, effort and contact paper, you can get the look of more modern countertops—even if they aren’t quite the real deal. Peel-and-stick contact paper is available in a range of styles, including marble, wood-tone, tile and more. These can be applied on top of your existing countertops and then removed before you vacate.

10. Upgrade the Shower Curtain Situation

If your bathroom is cramped and a renovation is out of the question as a renter, you can make the shower space feel bigger by simply swapping out the straight shower curtain rod for a curved one. On the aesthetic front, look for shower curtains that match your vibe—because why just have a curtain when you can have a functional piece of art?

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11. Replace the Showerhead

11 Renter-Friendly Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, chances are good that your landlord didn’t invest much in a quality showerhead. Even perfectly fine ones can worsen over time if not cleaned properly. If your shower stream is all but a trickle, look into replacing the fixture with a new one. This doesn’t require much technical know-how and can make an immediate difference with your shower. Ask your landlord if they want you to keep the old showerhead and replace it when you move out—or they might be happy enough that you’ve made this improvement for them.