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Contemporary Taiwanese Architectural Developments: New East Asian Built Environment Updates

post updated 6 May 2024

Taiwan Architecture Designs – chronological list

Taiwan Architecture News in 2023

New Taiwan Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

10 Jan 2024
The Cliff House, Taitung County
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
The Cliff House
photos by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
The Cliff House
Located in east Taiwan, The Cliff House is surrounded by the Coastal Range on the west side and the Pacific Ocean on the east. The architectural appearance emulates the natural environment with organic curves.

12 December 2023
Kaohsiung Social Housing
Architects: Mecanoo
Kaohsiung Social Housing southern Taiwan
photo : Ethan Lee
Kaohsiung Social Housing
In a groundbreaking initiative, Mecanoo, introduces a innovative social housing project in Kaohsiung, marking a significant milestone as the city’s inaugural venture into communal living solutions. This undertaking not only addresses the pressing need for affordable housing but places a unique emphasis on the role of collective spaces in enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

9 November 2023
Metropolitan Village, Xinyi central business district, Taipei
Design: OMA
Metropolitan Village Xinyi central business district Taipei
image © WAX Architectural Visualizations
Metropolitan Village Taipei
OMA’s David Gianotten and Chiaju Lin have designed the Metropolitan Village in Taipei – a high-rise residential tower in the Xinyi central business district. The 23-storey building is a vertical village shaped by the increasingly fluid boundary between living and working in post-pandemic Taipei, and the city’s diverse urban conditions.

25 Aug 2023
Biosphere Building, Kaohsiung
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Biosphere Building Kaohsiung City Taiwan
photo : KyleYu Photo Studio
Biosphere Building Kaohsiung City
Making sure that even the heavy nature of concrete is allowed for suspension and can stabilize the structure for earthquake-prone Taiwan. At the same time, we keep the idea of sustainability in mind, giving the rough structure a gentle touch to fit into our environment.

16 Aug 2023
Comfort in Context, mountains of Kaohsiung
Architects: Chain10 Architecture and Interior Design Institute
Comfort in Context, Taiwan Property
photos by MoooTen Studio and KyleYu Photo Studio
Comfort in Context, Taiwan Property
The property is adjacent to the low-density residential area of the Agongdian Reservoir in the mountains of Kaohsiung. To escape from the bustling urban lifestyle, we closely connect our project with the environment, an area that is rich in greens and hills.

13 Aug 2023
Flora Chateau, Tainan City
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Flora Chateau Tainan Taiwan Architecture News
photos by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Flora Chateau, Tainan
Situated in Tainan, Humei Redevelopment Zone, Flora Chateau derives from two opposite aspects- vertically and horizontally, putting two contradictory aspects together colliding intensively first and fusing perfectly later. With the space extending horizontally and the tree growing vertically, the whole building becomes more interesting and facilitative for ventilation and shading as the vegetation filters the air and dust.

6 July 2023
Guangci Charity Park Social Housing, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Design: KHL Architects & Planners
Guangci Charity Park Social Housing Taipei City Taiwan Architecture News
photo : Lee Chien Ju Photography
Guangci Charity Park Social Housing
KHL Architects & Planners proudly introduce Guangci Charity Park Social Housing, a green oasis in the middle of Taipei city providing citizens with more affordable housing. Designed with the environment in mind, the project incorporates a thriving community into the middle of Taipei City.

12 June 2023
The Veil House, Kaohsiung
Architects: Paperfarm Inc
The Veil House Kaohsiung City Taiwan Architecture News
photo : Daniel Yao/span>
The Veil House, Kaohsiung
The Veil House is situated near the historic “Taiwan-Renga” (台灣煉瓦) brick kiln from 1899 that prospered this working-class district in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the Veil House revisits this history by weaving a modern, tapestry-like façade utilizing floating clay bricks.

30 May 2023
Taipei Zhongshan District Changan Duan 345 Office Tower, Taipei
Design and Project Architect + Interior and Landscape Design: Aedas
Taipei Zhongshan District Changan Duan 345 Office Tower
images courtesy of architects practice
Taipei Zhongshan District Changan Duan 345 Office Tower
Aedas Global Design Principal Dr. Andy Wen and Executive Director Yijun Qian led the team to create a waterfall-like office tower in a prime location near Taipei Arena. With rich Taiwanese office characteristics, it is designed to be a contemporary building with a focus of urban texture, architecture and people.

1 Apr 2023
GanBei Bar, North District
Architects: Mojo Design Studio
GanBei Bar North District Taiwan Architecture News
photo : Dirk Heindoerfer Photographer
GanBei Bar, North District
The project GanBei Bar, meaning cheers in Chinese, transformed a partition-less room for rent into a timeless after dark lounge. Located in the cradle of cutting-edge technologies of Taiwan, this vintage bar serves hi-tech engineers and yetties as a grand escape from reality, crossing through space and time with whiskey and wine.

7 Mar 2023
International Conference Centre, Tainan City
Architect: King Shih Architects
International Conference Centre Tainan Taiwan Architecture News
photo : Ivan Cheung
International Conference Centre, Tainan
The ICC Tainan, which opened in 2022, is the latest major addition to Taiwan’s oldest city and former capital of 200 years. As a part of Tainan’s evolution into a fast-growing technology hub, ICC Tainan’s design references past and present zeitgeists to forge a unique new identity.

21 Feb 2023
Wholesale Market, Tainan City, Southern Taiwan
Architect: MVRDV
Tainan Wholesale Market Southern Taiwan Architecture News
photo © Shephotoerd
Tainan Wholesale Market, Southern Taiwan
MVRDV completes wholesale market in Tainan with publicly accessible roof MVRDV has completed construction of a new Wholesale Market for fruit and vegetables in Tainan.

15 Feb 2023
The Bale Villas, Puli, Nantou
Architects: WID Architecture & Interior Design
The Bale Villas Puli Township Taiwan Architecture News
photo : Ryan Shu
The Bale Villas, Puli Township
The Bale Villas project is located in the landmark “Niumian Mountain” of Puli, Nantou. The outline looks like a huge buffalo from afar, sitting and resting peacefully by the Meixi River that flows through Puli.

3 Jan 2023
Hoowave Water Factory, Huwei, Yunlin County
Design: MVRDV, The Netherlands
Anqingzhen Wetland - Hoowave Water Factory, Huwei, Taiwan
image © MVRDV
Hoowave Water Factory, Huwei
The Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs has selected MVRDV’s Hoowave Water Factory as the winning design for a large-scale redevelopment of Huwei’s Beigang and Anqingzhen waterways. Combining both a strategic masterplan and a landscape design, the proposal aims to modernise the town’s waterway network, ditching the purely mono-functional approach that controls and directs water.

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Taiwan Architectural News in 2022

12 Dec 2022
House LN, Kinmen Island, Fukien
Architects: Ho + Hou Studio Architects
House LN Kinmen Island Taiwan
photo : CKL Studio
House LN Kinmen Island
This new Taiwanese house represents a microcosm of contemporary Taiwan. The client required a home for his male friends, female co-workers, and parents.

21 Nov 2022
Kinmen Library and Art Museum,, Kinmen Island, Fukien
Architects: Eddea/Luis Ybarra + Leching Chiang
Kinmen Library and Art Museum Fukien Taiwan
image courtesy of architects practice
Kinmen Library and Art Museum, Fukien
On Kinmen Island, off the southeast coast of mainland China and governed as a county by the Republic of China (Taiwan), almost at its geometric center, stands the hill where the Special Art and Culture Zone Base, formerly Runan Second Camp District, is located.

7 Nov 2022
A Path Amongst Cats Residence, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Design: Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates YHLAA
A Path Amongst Cats Residence Xinyi District Taipei City
photo : Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates YHLAA
A Path Amongst Cats Residence, Xinyi District Taipei City
When we live with five cats, the design of the residence certainly must take into account their activity needs. But how can we include an elegant and comfortable living space for humans?

11 Oct 2022
House Grey, Beitou District, Taipei City
Design: Ho + Hou Studio Architects
House Grey Beitou District Taipei City
photo : CKL Studio
House Grey, Beitou District Taipei City
The House Grey project is the refurbishment of a 40-year-old house. Hidden along a densely wooded mountain road, our client grew up as a teenager in the house. After moving abroad, the house was not lived in for many years. An agreement among the siblings initiated this house conversion into a weekend retreat/guest quarters.

12 Aug 2022
Pingtung Public Library, Pingtung City
Architecture: MAYU architects
Pingtung Public Library Taiwan
photo : Yuchen Chao Photography
Pingtung Public Library
The Pingtung Public Library is an extension and renovation project of an existing cultural center, originally built in 1983 and located in the middle of the Millennium Park of Pingtung City. The main objective of the transformation is to introduce transparency and accessibility to the once hermetic building and its disoriented landscaping.

Updated 7 Aug 2022
Taipei Performing Arts Center
Design: OMA
Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA
photo © OMA by Chris Stowers
Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA
Taipei Performing Arts Center designed by OMA has opened to the public.

20 Aug 2022
Apartment W, Taoyuan District, Qinpu
Architects: fws_work
Residence W Taoyuan District Taiwan
photo : Suiyu Studio
Residence W, Taoyuan District
Residence W is designed by fws_work to bring a sense of tranquility to a home overlooking the city of Qinpu, known for its fast development and transportation hub. The owner is an airline pilot, spending most of his time constantly traveling between different countries with short stays.

28 March 2022
Chain10 Recognized Globally For Projects
Biosphere by Chain10 Architects Taiwan
image courtesy of architects practice
Chain10 Architects Taiwan
Leading Taiwanese architecture and design firm Chain10 has celebrated a best-in-class year of global recognition and award wins for its exceptional projects. With work spanning from residential to commercial, the firm, led by Founder and Managing director Keng-Fu Lo, won more than 30 awards in 2021, affirming its work in designing innovative, sustainable and breathtaking structures.

25 Feb 2022
See You
Interior Design: Unite Unit
See You Bar Restaurant Taiwan
photo : Trig Photography
See You Bar Restaurant
All great things start small. It could be a moment of revelation, a spark of hope or a glimpse of imagination. See You, a four-storey, multi-purpose establishment that doubles as a restaurant, an exhibition space and a social hub, is conceived as one theme that paves way for four separate ideas.

17 Jan 2022
Sun Rock, Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, near to Taichung, Taiwan
Architects: MVRDV
Sun Rock in Taichung, Taiwan Architecture News
image © MVRDV
Sun Rock by MVRDV in Taichung
MVRDV has revealed Sun Rock, an operations facility containing offices, a maintenance workshop, storage spaces, and a public gallery for Taiwan’s government-owned power company Taipower. Anticipating Taiwan’s planned transition to green energy, the features of the Sun Rock building, from its shape to its façade, are focused upon generating solar energy as efficiently as possible.

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Taiwan Architecture News 2021

4 Dec 2021
Taipei Performing Arts Center
Design: OMA
Taipei Performing Arts Center Building by OMA
Considered Asia’s most important cultural development in 2022, Taipei Performing Arts Center will open to the public in summer 2022.  The new spectacular landmark of Taiwan’s capital city will become the epicentre of the island’s vibrant contemporary culture where no subject matter and technical demand is off limits.

12 May 2021
Hotel Resonance Interior, Taipei City
Interior design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design
Hotel Resonance Taipei
photo courtesy of hotel
Hotel Resonance, Taipei Interior
As the 14th brand and 2nd collection brand of Hilton, Tapestry Collection by Hilton is a gathering of original upscale hotels that cater to guests seeking uncommon experience.

22 Feb 2021
Ji Pin Restaurant, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
Architects: Jmarvel Interior Design
Ji Pin Restaurant Taipei
photo : Hey! Cheese
Ji Pin Restaurant, Taipei Interior Design
In the history of Chinese culture of five thousand years, there was an extraordinary man, who had majestic vision, was gifted with unique taste in aesthetics and foods, and could discover the delicacies from simple food. He proudly called himself the “gourmet”, and his dream was to try all delicious foods on earth.

15 Feb 2021
Tainan Public Library, Tainan
Architects: Mecanoo
Tainan Public Library Taiwan
photo : Ethan Lee
Tainan Public Library
The oldest city in Taiwan, Tainan has a rich history influenced by different cultures. There are remnants of maritime trade with Europe in the 17th century, of the Chinese Ming Dynasty and Japanese settlements from the beginning of the 20th century.

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Taiwan Architecture News 2020

17 Nov 2020
Biosphere Offices, Kaohsiung City

9 Sep 2020
Daily Apartment, Taipei

2 Sep 2020
Ching Fu Shipbuilding HQ Taiwan Building

20 June 2020
Lè Architecture, Taipei
Architects: Aedas
Lè Architecture Taiwan tower
photo courtesy of architects
Lè Architecture in Taipei
Designed by Global Design Principal Dr Andy Wen, Lè Architecture in the Nangang district of Taipei redefines Taipei’s rapidly developing skyline. Its design drew inspiration from the shape of the river pebbles along the Keelung River, developing a unique aesthetic concept that conveys the idea of roundness and elegance, as well as strength and character.

13 Apr 2020
Auditorium Apartment in Taipei

3 Mar 2020
Comfort in Context House, Kaohsiung
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Comfort in Context House Kaohsiung City
photograph : Moooten Studio / Qimin Wu
Comfort in Context House near Kaohsiung City
Life in the city is something that everyone tries to escape. It is full of cars, noises and things that assault our senses. Most people born in a city or who have lived there for a long time quickly grow tired of the hustle and bustle.

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Taiwanese Architectural Updates 2019

29 Nov 2019
Sky Green Mixed-Use Development, Taichung
Architects: WOHA
Sky Green Taiwan
image : Koumin Lee
Sky Green Mixed-Use Development in Taichung
WOHA announces the completion of their first project in Taichung, Taiwan. In 2012 WOHA was invited by the Taichung City Government and Feng Chia University to bring its exhibition “Breathing Architecture’ to Taichung.

22 Oct 2019
Green Isle Restaurant, Kaohsiung City
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Green Isle Restaurant Kaohsiung City
photo : Moooten Studio / Qimin Wu
Green Isle Restaurant Lingya District, Kaohsiung City
When Ken Lo was asked to create a third restaurant in the successful Tan Zuo Mali chain, he knew he had to push himself to go further than his two previous designs.

30 Aug 2019
Exhibition of Gamania Antarctic Expedition

8 Aug 2019
The Place Taipei Hotel Building

30 Jun 2019
Taipei Apartment, Zhuwei

22 May 2019
Filter Life
Architects: Waterfrom Design co. Ltd
Filter Life Factory Taiwan Architecture News
photograph : Kuomin Lee
Filter Life Factory Taiwan
The Filter Life brand specializing in water dispenser production and sales was given a new younger and more fashionable image under the management of the second generation ownership. Waterfrom Design transforms the perspective of space in the 30-year factory as if it were water.

20 Mar 2019
Danjiang Bridge, Taipei
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Danjiang Bridge Taipei
render by MIR
Danjiang Bridge Taipei
Construction has begun on the world’s longest single-mast, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge, 920m long.

9 Mar 2019
Square Tea Store in Taiwan
Design: Keng Fu Lo architect
Square Tai Cha Store in Taiwan by architect Mei-Lin Hsu
image : MEI Design Studio
Square Tai Cha Store by Mei-Lin Hsu
Located alongside the road in the mountain, the square white building reveals its charms by means of its modern architectural shapes. As a distinctive tea store, Tai Cha Store run by its third generation has been promoting the tea culture, from the perspectives of tea and related environment.

6 Feb 2019
Green Places Community Clubhouse Leisure

18 Jan 2019
Symbiotic House in Yilan

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Taiwanese Architectural Updates 2018

19 Dec 2018
Lè Architecture in Taipei

3 Dec 2018
Commercial Bank Headquarters Taichung

8 Nov 2018
KCI Group Headquarters in Zuoying District

24 Oct 2018
National Trade Center in Taichung

2 Sep 2018
Recrystallization Power Plant
Architects: MEPM Lab Team
Recrystallization Power Plant Taiwan Building News
image Courtesy architecture office
Taiwan Recrystallization Power Plant
Taiwan is an island with both high biodiversity and high population density. Currently, how we generate electricity is a huge issue in Taiwan. Taiwan has the cheapest electricity prices for industrial users in Asia. This is because almost 50 percent of our energy is generated by coal-fired power plants. However, using coal increases air pollution and adversely affects peoples’ health.

30 Jul 2018
Din-a-ka Residence, Taipei City
Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Din-a-Ka Residence in Taipei - Taiwan Architecture News
photograph : Dean Cheng
Taipei City House
The “Din-a-ka”, or covered walkway, was a distinct cultural and architectural feature in the early days of Taiwan’s agrarian society. It was the place for social exchanges in rural areas. In the rapidly changing social landscape, Din-a-ka is an obscure feature, rarely found these days outside fond memories of the past.

30 Jun 2018
Lè Architecture, Taipei, Taiwan Shortlisted at World Architecture Festival 2018 Awards
Lè Architecture, Taipei, Taiwan is one of 536 shortlisted entries across 81 countries:
World Architecture Festival Awards 2018 Shortlist

2 May 2018
Kaohsiung Social Housing by Mecanoo, Kaohsiung
Design: Mecanoo
Kaohsiung Social Housing by Mecanoo Taiwan Architecture News
image courtesy of architects
Kaohsiung Social Housing
The housing complex in Kaohsiung will host 234 units between 25 and 75m², designed for a large variety of users, from students, young couples to families with children, as well for elderly or people with special needs.

16 Mar 2018
Commercial Bank Headquarters Taichung – architecture award news
Design: Aedas
Commercial Bank Headquarters Taichung building
picture from architecture practice
Commercial Bank Headquarters Taichung Building
This tower won the Tall Buildings category at MIPIM/The Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2018.

Taiwan Architecture News 2017

31 Dec 2017
Game Apartment, Taipei
Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Game Apartment Taiwan Property News
photo : JMS
Game Apartment in Taipei
What is home? In addition to being a safe haven, it is a place that accommodates and extends all kinds of possibility and happiness. Besides meeting requirements of basic “living” function, the role it plays could be richer and varied. It could be game-like, interesting changes could be generated from its shape, function or sense.

6 Dec 2017
Lè Architecture, Taipei
Architects: Aedas
Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan Architecture News
image courtesy of architects
Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan
6th December 2017 – At this year’s International Property Awards held in London, UK, Aedas-designed Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan, first beat other office projects in Asia Pacific to become the Best Office Architecture Asia Pacific, and later topped other regional winning projects from Europe, Africa and the Americas to be the ultimate Best International Office Architecture.

Dec 4 + 2, 2017
Taichung Intelligence Operations Center
Design: Elizabeth de Portzamparc architect
Taichung Intelligence Operations Center Building
image courtesy of architects
Taichung Intelligence Operations Center
The Taichung Intelligence Operations Center designed by Elizabeth de Portzamparc has been officially designated a winning project. Showcase of the technology and sustainability, architectural symbol thought as a real vertical neighborhood, it will become the biggest urban tower of Taichung.

20 Nov 2017 + 14 Aug 2015
Danjiang Bridge Competition
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects with Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner
Zaha Hadid Architects Danjiang Bridge Taiwan Architecture News
image : MIR
Danjiang Bridge Competition Taiwan
The Danjiang Bridge has been commissioned by the Directorate of Highways of Taiwan and will be the world’s longest single-mast asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge. Located at the mouth of Tamsui River, it is integral to the infrastructure upgrading program of northern Taiwan, enhancing accessibility throughout the region with the rapidly expanding Port of Taipei/Taipei Harbour—the region’s busiest shipping port.

5 Nov 2017
Cactus Park
Design: CCL Architects & Planners
Penghu Qingwan Cactus Park
photo : CCL Architects & Planners
Penghu Qingwan Cactus Park in Taiwan
Qingwan district is located at Penghu’s Fongguei Peninsula. Surrounded by sea, it is abundant in marine resources and natural wonders. The basaltic landscape, diverse vegetation, and forts remained from the military days make Qingwan the perfect place for tourism development.

6 Nov 2017
Fluid Mirror, Taipei
Architects: Waterfrom Design
Fluid Mirror Interior Taiwan Architectural News
photograph : Kuomin Lee
Fluid Mirror interior in Taipei
Incorporating themselves into the pleasing view of a waterfront residence, the undulate waters with ripples therein pass through the semi-circular surrounding windows and become part of the vicissitudes of your daily life.

5 Oct 2017
Ridge: Intuitive Life, Layered Structure in Taiwan
Architects: FANG XinYuan, HONG YuRu
Ridge: Intuitive Life, Layered Structure Taiwan Architecture News
photograph : Hey! Cheese
Ridge: Intuitive Life, Layered Structure
Inspired by landscape of hills outside window, spatial planning of Ridge is centered on the design approach of layering, that is, showcasing the structure layer by layer like hills, which turns out to provide habitant with an initial state of peace and abundance.

30 Jun 2017
Boundary Apartment in Taiwan, Kaohsiung
Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Boundary Apartment
photograph : Hey! Cheese
Boundary Apartment
Since ancient times, there have been two choices for the rich and established; to flaunt wealth and fame, or to keep modest and low-profile; which partly reveals one’s view of life. For the owner of this flat, an elder with great fortune and rich experience, the definition of “home” is more about a delicate balance, a tender atmosphere, and “a piece of pure land”, claim Wei Yi International Design Associates.

8 Jun 2017
European School Yangmingshan Campus, Taipei
Architects: Aedas
Taipei European School Yangmingshan Campus
image courtesy of architects
Taipei European School Yangmingshan Campus Redevelopment
Designed by Andy Wen, Global Board Director of Aedas, the redevelopment of Taipei European School Yangmingshan Campus broke ground on 8 June 2017.

6 + 2 Jun 2017
Tainan Public Library, Tainan
Design: Mecanoo and MAYU
Tainan Public Library Building | www.e-architect.com
image courtesy of architects
Tainan Public Library in Taiwan
Tainan is a city born from a history of diverse cultures, peoples and traditions. The urban fabric holds memories from the 17th century European maritime trading, the Qing Dynasty Ruling, and the Japanese settlement of the early 1900s.

Luminous Moon-Gate: Cultural Center Taichung

OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2017

One More Kaohsiung Residential Tower

Y House by MVRDV in Northeast Tainan

Green Places Community Clubhouse in Tainan

Taichung Condominium Tower

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