The true cost of the average home renovation revealed

House Renovation

Mitch Picklington from Mitcon Build in Brisbane said that his business had received an increased number of construction inquiries as a result of COVID-19.

“We have been pending with requests to quote for different jobs around Brisbane at the moment, whether it’s renovating one room in the house or making plans for a larger scale renovation to utilize the government’s Home Builder scheme.”

We’ve seen a surge in people wanting to expand their current living areas with an extension and refresh their outdoor entertainment area by adding a pergola, deck or even a swimming pool.”

Ruined travel plans lead to renovations

Angie Brown from Randwick, New South Wales said COVID-19 had changed her 2020 plans, influencing her financial goals as a result.

“My role working in the retail industry was impacted early on however although restrictions eased in New South Wales and I was able to return to work, our plans to travel interstate and overseas to visit friends and relatives in the later part of 2020 were no longer on the cards,” Angie said.

“We had always planned to renovate, but COVID-19 and spending more time in our apartment than ever before made us reassess our finances, hastening up our renovation plans.”

“It’s been nice to stay busy planning our apartment renovation, talking to our bank and having discussions with local suppliers and builders, and it has given us something to look forward to in a pretty crazy year where things haven’t exactly gone to plan. ”

*Data retrieved from July 2019 to June 2020

Average renovation cost by state