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One of the most significant segments in every bathroom is often the bathroom vanity. Installing the newest bathroom vanities will give your bathroom both flair and functionality.

Size is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting the ideal bathroom vanity for your needs. It’s crucial to choose a bathroom vanity design that can accommodate your needs while yet providing the room you need to easily move around your bathroom.

10 Bathroom vanity designs to inspire you

Several designers started the bathroom design process with the vanity and based the rest of their decisions on that. What are the bathroom vanity designs that are trending in 2022 that you should be aware of? Here is a summary.


There are many different methods to combine the vintage style, which is popular throughout the house. A vanity is a great option for adding a retro design to the bathroom. Vintage can refer to a wide range of things, including everything from the 1980s to the Victorian era.

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Natural texture

Warming up the world is a major trend for 2022. Warmer hues, cosier furnishings, and organic textures are examples of this. Natural textures are typically softer and easier to touch. They give the room a warm aesthetic feel.

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Anything with a modern, hygge, or contemporary aesthetic qualifies as clean design. These fashions are characterized by their clear lines, ease of use, and minimalism. How popular it is may be determined by the manner that this simple design continually renews itself.

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While a gray vanity is a traditional match for marble, wood vanities are also a viable option. Natural wood combined with marble looks stunning and is a mainstay of warm and sterile designs. You may stay in style by adding some matte or warm-toned metallics to the fixtures.

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Warm tones

For a warmer tone in the bathroom, wood is a fantastic alternative. Natural wood in any shade or variety will provide the cosiness you seek. Off-whites are excellent for bringing the temperature up. Their undertones of yellow or brown transform the white from stark to cozy.

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An impressive statement is made by the marble countertop and gold fittings. Gold stands out against a dark vanity.

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Statement patterns

Don’t forget to consider the walls surrounding the vanity when planning your vanity. Your vanity will stand out against them if you transform them into a statement wall.

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Similar to kitchen cabinets, a vanity cabinet can be built with pull-out drawers that can be customized to meet your storage needs and come in a variety of hardware and door types.

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By creating additional visual space underneath, floating the toilet and vanity gives the impression that the room is larger.

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Built-in lighting

The mirror space can be maximized because the electric mirror emits enough light without the need for an additional light fixture.

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What size bathroom vanity is most typical?

Typical vanity sizes range from 18 to 72 inches wide. The most popular widths for single vanities are 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches, while the most popular widths for double vanities are 60

What shade of vanity is most common?

White has long been the most preferred color for bathroom vanities. It genuinely never goes out of style.

What height works best for bathroom vanities?

Around 30–32 inches works best for bathroom vanity.

Is it wise to have a black vanity?

Since dark hues have a sombre effect, they are a great way to add flair to your space and may really make a small bathroom feel wider and more spacious.

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