Bathroom Wallpaper Designs to Transform your Space in 2023

Bathroom Decoration

The best approach to remodeling a bathroom is using wallpaper because it doesn’t take up any usable space and adds a quick personality. A quick, effective way to update your bathroom is by adding wallpaper.

Bathroom wallpaper is the ideal finishing touch to instantly change a monotonous and practical space, whether you choose a graphic wallpaper accent, a subtle pattern to add texture, or cover every wall with a strong and colorful design. Wallpapers can never get out of fashion. They’re equally stylish and practical to transform your space in no time quickly.

To get ideas for remodeling your bathroom, look at these wallpapered bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

The best bathroom wallpaper designs

1. Bold floral bathroom wallpaper

This one has an amazing colorful flower wallpaper that transforms a plain bathroom into a magical garden. While polished stainless steel accents add a vibrant touch, the overall dark tones of the decor work nicely with the wallpaper’s dark background.

Source: Pinterest

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2. Vintage bathroom wallpaper

To create a timeless and opulent atmosphere, this bathroom’s green artistically decorated wallpaper perfectly complements the room’s wooden floors, antique wooden mirrors, wooden décor, and a bright white vintage pedestal sinks and a tub.

Source: Pinterest

3. Colorful bathroom wallpaper

There is no requirement that when selecting bathroom wallpaper, you must stick to a single color. You can also choose wallpaper with a variety of vivid colors. Your bathroom space will look more trendy if you pair these types of contemporary wallpapers with a vivacious design.

Source: Pinterest

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4. Underwater illusion bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom wallpaper with an underwater illustration is a great way to add a unique touch to the walls of your bathroom. A glass shower to create the sense of being underwater and wallpaper with illustrations of fish in subdued colors give this modest bathroom a quirky touch.

Source: Pinterest

5. Palm leaf bathroom wallpaper

To liven up a plain bathroom, try this loud palm-leaf wallpaper. For the windows and other plumbing fittings to resist the strident pattern, white tones have been added to them. The bathroom should have a contemporary light fixture in the middle to illuminate the room’s dark atmosphere.

Source: Pinterest

6. Watercolor bathroom wallpaper

Shades of blue in a style that resembles a watercolor painting produce a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere in this light-flooded bathroom space. The bathroom is elevated to a whole new level by the bathtub and the sparse white finishings.

Source: Pinterest

7. Pastel-themed bathroom wallpaper

The aptly patterned, pastel gray textured wallpaper was chosen for this small, elegant bathroom. The door and ceiling were left in their original wooden tones, and contrast was added with nude-toned fixtures and accessories. The Patterned tiles also provide a whole earthy appearance.

Source: Pinterest

8. Graphic bathroom wallpaper

You can choose a simple white bathroom design with crisp, geometric black-and-white wallpaper and gold accents to give it life. The overall design has a clean, modern feel to it. This bold graphic design wallpaper will give your space a modern and artistic touch.

Source: Pinterest

9. Subtle texture bathroom wallpaper

For a small bathroom, you might choose a modest gray and white wallpaper that provides a smooth textured background. An antique rug, mixed metals, light fixtures, and wood tones complete the peaceful, natural atmosphere of the entire space.

Source: Pinterest

10. Classic stripes bathroom wallpaper

This master bathroom features a wall covering with a regal black and white striped pattern. The elegant room was decorated with white plumbing fixtures, a mural, and a chandelier that exudes a regal yet modern vibe.

Source: Pinterest

11. Geometric bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom wallpaper is a need if you appreciate the stark beauty of geometric patterns. This wallpaper’s geometric pattern in white and blush pink gives the area a light yet opulent feel. Your toiletries and bathing supplies can be conveniently organized in a stylish wooden wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. The trendy light bulb above the oval mirror gives the area a pleasant glow and enriches the experience of getting ready in this bathroom. The brass fixtures enhance the bathroom’s appeal.

Source: Pinterest

12. Marble effect bathroom wallpaper

A bathroom’s elegance can be increased using a timeless design like the marble look. But not all walls can sustain marble tiles because they can sometimes be pricey and hefty. You can still achieve a lush appearance with bathroom wallpaper that has a marble feel. A black marble floor and a marble backdrop with a tiny white bathtub and other fixtures might tie the room together if you want to keep the marble theme in your bathroom without going overboard.

Source: Pinterest

13. Rustic brick-style bathroom wallpaper

Although exposed brick has an evocative, rustic appeal, not every house has an exposed brick wall. However, rustic brick wallpaper might be an excellent workaround for achieving the rustic look. While customizing your brick wallpaper, remember that metal accessories and a brick wall complement each other well. To finish the appearance, add some exposed metal shelving in black paint or a wooden countertop.

Source: Pinterest

14. Large prints of bathroom wallpaper

Small, repeated designs on the walls can make a small powder room appear even smaller. To make the cramped area appear and feel as big as the swans on these walls, stick to big, random motifs in small areas. It takes a lot to connect the entire appearance because this style is so unusual to combine. For optimal results, choose flooring and fixtures with a light texture.

Source: Pinterest

15. Dark-themed bathroom wallpaper

If you choose bathroom wallpaper with a matte black surface, enhancing the appearance of your bathroom becomes a simple process. These wallpapers go well with metallic accents like stainless steel, bronze, and chrome. If you want a more intense theme, you can choose a black marble floor. If you’re giving your eyes a place to rest, choose a simple light-colored tile floor. For optimal results, keep the floor and ceiling in warm tones.

Source: Pinterest


How do you determine whether wallpaper is appropriate for the bathroom?

If you want to purchase wallpaper for your bathroom, search for waterproof and water-resistant wallpaper. These wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs and are available on the market.

How long does it take for bathroom wallpaper to dry?

Before moving on, give your wallpaper 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. You can use a decorator’s varnish after the wallpaper has dried.

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